I have a financial question about my Chapter 13 bankruptcy case?


The National Data Center website may have just the information you are seeking.  In a new development the National Data Center has coordinated with the New Orleans Chapter 13 Trustee’s Office.

At the Data Center’s website a debtor can view the latest financial information about their case: On the Case Summary page the debtor can see the total payments they have made and the dates their last three payments were received by the Trustee. On Claim Summary page each creditor is listed with the amount of the claim and how much has been paid to that creditor. You can also note how much your attorney has been paid. On the Account Ledger page each receipt of funds and disbursement is listed by date.

The address of the National Data Center’s website is www.ndc.org. If you can’t find the answer to your question on the site, you can call the Trustee’s office directly at 504-831-1313. You will be directed to punch in the last digit of your case number, so have it handy. If your case administrator does not answer, leave a message. She will call you back within 24 hours. And you can always call your attorney for answers.