What papers should I bring when I see my attorney?

JohnMenszer-8123For your initial visit with your bankruptcy attorney you may not need to bring any papers because he or she will be getting the general overview of your financial picture. That said, to file your Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy the following documents will eventually be required.

I’ve listed them by category.

1) Paycheck stubs for last six months ( or if your stub shows Year to Date for last 2 months);
2) If self employed monthly Profit and Loss statements for last six months;
3) If on SS or SSI or Pension copy of latest award letter.

Tax Returns:
1) Copy of latest years IRS and State returns.

Bank Statements:
1) Copies of last three months statements for all accounts.

1) Copy of mortgage statement showing monthly payment and balance;
2) Copy of chattel mortgage (car loan) showing monthly payment, balance and term of loan.

Domestic Support Obligations:
1) If court ordered copy of the Judgment.

1) If you had your home appraised or valued within last 2 years copy of appraisal or broker price opinion;
2) Blue Book value of your vehicles ( your attorney can look this up if your don’t have it).

1) If you are sued or garnished copy of the documents served on you by the court;
2) I you are suing someone copy of the lawsuit.

1) Statements from creditors which you received within last two months.
2) Name, address, date and approximate amounts of debts that may not reported on your credit report, ie. doctor bills, personal loans, owner financing.

Prior Bankruptcies:
1) If you filed or received a bankruptcy discharge within last eight years the dates and case number.