How can I face filing bankruptcy? I feel ashamed.

Edited-Photo-iStock_000001692734SmallcopyFor most of my clients the realization that they might need to file bankruptcy happens slowly, after much deliberation. The fact is people want to pay their bills. But over a lifetime things happen. Filing bankruptcy should be reserved for those once or twice in a lifetime situations when it is absolutely necessary.

The bankruptcy laws are meant to give a person a fresh start. The alternative is to remain trapped beneath an ever increasing tangle of debts. The founding fathers of our country did not want this. They wrote into our Constitution that the Congress shall write the bankruptcy laws. What could be more American than that?

I have seen the relief that people feel after their first office visit. At last, they have made a decision to do something about a troubling situation. Someone is on their side, who can advise them about the pro’s and con’s of bankruptcy relief.

The bankruptcy laws do not fit everybody’s case, and more times that I can count, I have advised people to take a different path. But bankruptcy has the virtue of being Federal law.  The creditor who wilfully disregards the bankruptcy stay does so at extreme risk.

I see my job as helping people, who are in trouble. Making an appointment with a bankruptcy attorney is the an important first step toward taking control of an unmanageable situation.